MAFP Advertising Policy

Adopted by the MAFP Board of Directors July 10, 2016, with amendments as of February 2017.

All advertisements/sponsorships submitted for publication in the quarterly Michigan Family Physician, weekly Family Medicine Update, or on the MAFP website must be of related interest to the MAFP membership. 

The following information serves only as a guideline for potential advertisers/sponsors and does not guarantee that an advertisement/sponsorship will be approved. Advertisements/Sponsorships deemed controversial in nature or in poor taste will be evaluated by a review committee to determine if they are appropriate for publishing. The review committee reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement/sponsorship at any time and to assess future copy/artwork to ensure that it does not contain any false or misleading statements or that it is in poor taste. The acceptance of an advertisement/sponsorship does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the product or service by MAFP.


  • Products and services eligible for advertising and sponsorship must be relevant to and useful in at least one of the following categories:
    • Practice of Medicine: Meet the standards of generally accepted medical practice or relevant to the clinical practice of medicine
    • Practice Management: Relevant to the socioeconomic practice of medicine or enabling physicians to run more efficient practices
    • Quality of Life: Relevant to the lifestyle issues and opportunities presented to family physicians
  • Products that require approval by Food and Drug Administration for marketing must receive such approval before being eligible for advertising or sponsorship opportunities. Any advertising or sponsorships for these products must include full disclosure when required. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to conform to regulations of FDA and all legal requirements for the content of claims made about the product.
  • Technical data and scientific documentation may be required for products not regulated by FDA or other government agencies.
  • Advertising of live Continuing Medical Education courses, seminars, and conferences in Michigan is only available in MAFP communications vehicles for those organizations hosting an event or activity in partnership with Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan.
  • Products for nutritional supplements and vitamin preparations are not eligible for advertisement/sponsorship unless they are approved for marketing by the FDA or their efficacy and safety are substantiated by clinical studies acceptable to MAFP—generally, these are U.S. studies published in mainstream U.S. medical journals.
  • General-purpose foods such as bread, meats, fruits, and vegetables are eligible for advertisement/sponsorship. Only diet programs prescribed and controlled by physicians may be eligible for advertisement/sponsorship.
  • Institutional advertising germane to the practice of medicine are considered eligible for advertisement/sponsorship.
  • Ads for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and firearms are not eligible for advertisement/sponsorship.
  • MAFP will accept written requests for advertisement of outside research surveys and/or studies for placement in the weekly Family Medicine Update; such requests must adhere to the Guidelines for Surveys or Research Requests to MAFP.

MAFP may contract with an outside advertising representative to sell advertising for the Michigan Family Physician, the Family Medicine Update, and/or the website.