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Resolutions Due
Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT
Category: Application Deadlines

Submit a Resolution


A resolution is a member's formal written proposal or recommendation for MAFP to:

  • Establish policy;
  • Address an issue of concern;
  • Eliminate a non-essential activity; or,
  • Explore or implement a new program.

Any MAFP member in good standing is invited to submit a resolution to be discussed and voted on by the membership at the MAFP Annual Membership Meeting.

Writing a Resolution


For MAFP to consider a resolution, it must follow the standard format.

  • Title: Clearly and concisely conveys the topic of the proposal / recommendation.
  • "Whereas" clause(s): Clearly and concisely identifies a problem or need for change and includes verifiable data.
  • "Resolved" clause(s): Clearly and concisely states the solution to the problem or the action that will bring about change. This must be a stand-alone statement that, when separated from the rest of the resolution, makes sense. It is often easiest to write this clause first, followed by the "whereas" clause(s) with data showing the severity of your identified problem and the need for a solution.
  • Author(s): Identifies the MAFP members who propose the resolution.


A researched and well-thought-out resolution increases the likelihood that it will be approved.

  • Do any current or past actions or policies of MAFP, AAFP, and/or other organizations address the issue? Click here to access the MAFP Public Policy Compendium (member login required), which outlines MAFP's policies on vital issues of concern to family physicians in Michigan.
  • Does the resolution advance a strategic priority of the Academy?
  • How many members are affected by the resolution's recommendation?
  • Is the recommendation within the scope of the Academy?
  • Does the recommendation require the expenditure of MAFP and/or AAFP funds (e.g., costs associated with staff time, research, meetings, production, travel)? If so, be sure to identify the fiscal note in your resolution.
  • What do others think of your proposal? It is important to survey your colleagues about issues important to them and areas of concern, and then collaborate on potential solutions to present to the Academy.

Resolution Writing Resources

Submitting a Resolution

  • In accordance with MAFP bylaws, resolutions received in writing by the MAFP Chief Executive Officer at least 30 days prior to the Annual Member Meeting will be accepted, discussed, and voted on at the meeting.
  • Late resolutions will be accepted, discussed, and voted on only if there is an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at the Annual Meeting.

Life of a Resolution

  • Resolutions submitted by members are reviewed by MAFP's Resolution Review Committee, charged with reviewing resolutions for clarity, formatting, and editing prior to the MAFP Annual Member Meeting. Prior review allows for more time to be spent during the meeting on discussing the merits of resolutions.
  • Resolutions are then forwarded to the membership for consideration at the next Annual Meeting.
  • Authors and any other MAFP members may testify / share their rationale for supporting or not supporting resolutions.
  • During the Annual Meeting, the membership votes to adopt, not adopt, reaffirm, or offer substitute resolutions for adoption. Approval requires a majority vote.
  • Approved resolutions affecting AAFP are sent for consideration at the next AAFP Congress of Delegates, which convenes in the fall.

Resolutions are also considered by AAFP via the following forums: